Who is 

Embrace DIY?

Founded by Caroline Romanelli in 2015; Embrace DIY Productions feeds the New Jersey music scene by booking various up and coming bands and artists to produce original music showcases. 

I produce a monthly music open mic every second Wednesday, and the monthly Come Original Showcase at the Madison Community Arts Center which features local bands, artists, and pop up shops where people can buy cool art from local artists, a handmade mug made at the Mud Clay Studio down the street, or maybe even some vegan treats. 

I love finding new and exciting bands and artists, curating the perfect event, and collaborating on fundraisers. My events are all community based and inclusive. These events focus on supporting local artists, businesses, and entrepreneurs. You'll always find new music at an Embrace DIY event. 

I started my journey in New Brunswick, New Jersey, organizing indie rock shows at dive bars on Easton Ave. I made flyers, promoted, did the sound for each show, and really stayed true to the DIY ethics New Brunswick holds tight. I immersed myself in its long-lived underground arts community, where people young and old came together in many college student's basements for music, art, and community. It was liberating to be able to connect with so many amazing artists and people in the same place where some of my favorite bands came out of like Thursday and Midtown. 

My passion and drive to produce not just a show, but an experience, helped bring tons of insanely talented bands out of these basements for a night, and into new audiences. New Brunswick will always have my heart, but I'm so excited to continue this journey in Madison and give local bands and artists the platform they deserve. The Come Original Showcases have been getting more and more popular which makes me more hopeful for the future of live original music in North Jersey.  

Come check out my monthly events at the Madison Community Arts Center and The Asbury Hotel (4th Fridays Unplugged)!

Places I've Embraced:

Scarlet Pub, Barca City, Evelyn's Restaurant & Bar, Redd's Biergarten, Olive Branch, Tavern on George, Fatto Americano, The Yard at College Ave, Blackthorn Pub, Hub City Brewhouse, The Asbury Hotel, Romanelli's, Madison Bagel, and Madison Community Arts Center.