New Brunswick, New Jersey is known for its long-lived underground arts community, where DIY ethos are strong. Unable to get an entry level music industry job, I decided to build from the ground up and connect with countless amazing artists and people in a place where some of my favorite bands came out of. It was heaven. I booked and produced shows each week at bars and restaurants, bringing new people together for the love of music. My passion and drive to produce not just a show, but an experience, helped bring tons of talented bands out of the basements and into new audiences. I currently book at the Madison Community Arts Center, and The Asbury Hotel, but New Brunswick will always have my heart. 


Founded by Caroline Romanelli in 2015; Embrace DIY Productions caters to the New Jersey music scene by booking various up and coming bands and artists. I am an underground music enthusiast, event coordinator, promoter, audio technician, and avid show goer. I love finding new artists, curating the perfect event, and collaborating on fundraisers.

As of February 2022, I will be coordinating events in my hometown of Madison, NJ at the Madison Community Arts Center on 10 Kings Road! Find tickets on Ticket Leap.

Places I've Embraced: Scarlet Pub, Barca City, Evelyn's Restaurant & Bar, Redd's Biergarten, Olive Branch, Tavern on George, Fatto Americano, The Yard at College Ave, Blackthorn Pub, Hub City Brewhouse, The Asbury Hotel, Madison Bagel, and Madison Community Arts Center.